We have heard all experts saying "Reduce your salt intake". Excess salt is known to be a cause of high blood pressure, ulcers and cancer of the stomach, edema, fear, cravings, kidney damage, diminished absorption of nutrients and calcium deficiency, resulting weakened bones, nerves, muscles and heart.

However table salt (highly refined salt) specifically is responsible for the health problems related to too much salt in the diet. Table salt is highly refined chemical variety that is 99.5% or more sodium chloride with additions of anti-caking chemicals, potassium iodide and sugar (dextrose) to stabilize the iodine.

So, is salt good for us?

Yes, unrefined whole salt in moderate amounts, cooked into food is good for our health. Celtic sea salt or Himalayan rock salt is good salts to replace the table salt. They contain many minerals and trace minerals. Keep in mind that whole sea salt should be slightly grey colored; most sea salt we buy today is highly refined.

  • Unrefined salt aids hydration and helps our body absorb nutrients. It also contains magnesium, calcium and potassium and helps the immune system fight fatigue and headaches.

  • Salt strengthens digestion and contributes to the secretion of hydrochloric acid in the stomach.

  • Moderate amount of salt is beneficial to the kidney and can better regulate body fluids. The moistening property of salt is especially appropriate in the winter when the body tends to dry out.

  • Salt counteracts toxins in the body and is used to neutralize the effects of impure food or poor food combinations.

  • The alkalizing quality of salt helps balance beans, peas, grains, meats and other acid forming food or acidic conditions.

  • Low salt diet increases insulin resistance in healthy people.

So, use unrefined whole salt in moderate amount in cooking and enjoy its benefits.

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