What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a holistic approach to wellness which uses healing power of nature to increase body's self-healing ability to heal itself and supports the body, mind and emotions during the healing process.


Naturopathic principles are based on treating each person as an individual and treating entire body instead of just the affected area.

Naturopathy aims towards,

  • Minimise symptoms

  • Support body's vital force (it's capacity to self-heal)

  • Re-balance the system so that illness is less likely to occur in future

  • Educate patient to look after their own health and health of their family

How can Madhavi help my health?

As a Naturopath Madhavi uses herbal medicinenutrition and diet and lifestyle advice to get you well and stay healthy. 


Have you ever said to yourself "I don't feel quite right" or "I could feel better than what I do"? That means your health is not its optimum. You don't have to be sick to see Madhavi. She can help you to improve your health, tell you about what foods and life style best suit your body's need or explain how to prevent illness to stay healthy and energetic. 


Madhavi can treat both acute and chronic conditions. She does not treat the symptoms but finds routes of the condition which can lead to better health and happy living. 

Why should I come and see Madhavi?

Madhavi is highly qualified with bachelor of health science in Naturopathy and Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery. She uses her knowledge of Naturopathy and Ayurvedic medicine and combines them to help you to get complete health and wellbeing. 


There are many reasons you might want to come and see Madhavi. She can help with both short bouts of illness and chronic condition. She treats wide variety of conditions from low energy or digestive problems to more complex and chronic conditions. 

Book your appointment

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"Madhavi is a lovely person who really listens and cares. She helped me resolve many issues that doctors told me there was nothing they could do. I would highly recommend Mahdavi to anyone who needs help resolving health issues."

Julie Tan

"We have been seeing Madhavi for a period of more than a month. In this time my son's allergic symptoms have been resolved due to the program, help and advice we received during this time. I would recommend this as an option to help resolve health issues."

Jo Suchoronczak


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The informations on this website is for infomational purposes only. It does not substitute for proper assessment and treatment by a licensed health care provider. 

The information is not intended to be used as medical advice and it is not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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